A growing project of community, cooperation and transformation

Welcome to the VIDALIA project.

We are an INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY located in the old textile mill town of Cal Vidal (Puig-reig, Barcelona).
Our legal structure is a housing cooperative
and a 75 years contract of Masoveria Urbana (work for rent).
At the moment we are 19 adults and 8 kids.


The housing cooperative manages the right-of-use for the houses, through individual work-for-rent contracts.



The Sustanance-circle manages all the consumables we need to buy. Wherever possible they acquire with the values of ecological, local and social implication of the providers. Part of our veggies come from our own ecological gardens.


We are working on establishing a framework where different social and solidarity production projects can be developed in order to promote sustainable entrepreneurship in the region.


 Saturday morning the 10th of June we host an open workday.

10 am: Welcome circle
10:30 – 14h We’ll work together in chosen teams on diverse hands-on projects within Vidàlia.
After the shared lunch -bring food to share- we’ll host an explination followed by Q&A and a tour within our project.
There is public transport from Berga, Manresa and Barcelona.

We’d love you to join us!
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Watch a post of a 60 minutes live presentation at:

Social and Solidarity Economy

The work inspires us


Bio and agroecological


Sustainability and Degrowth

We are part of nature


Renewable generation


Autonomy and Membership

In freedom, we are part of the community

Sociocracy 3.0


Creativity and Communication

Nurishing relationships

Empathic communication

Embodiment and Arts Expressions


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