Intentional Community

An intentional community is a group of people or families who live transformatively together and who cooperatively create services. The degree of coexistence and teamwork is higher than in other types of communities.

The members of an intentional community usaully share certain values, just like a social and political common vision. 
They also share daily responsibilities and resources.

There are a big variety of types of intentional communities, each with their own degree of implication and structure, such as ecovillages, co-housings or ashrams.

Vidàlia is an ecovillage. It’s established in the old industrial mill town Cal Vidal, in the municipality of Puig-reig (Catalonia, Spain).

An ecovillage is an intentional small-scale community that pursues social, ecological and economic sustainability. Its principles are based on respect for nature, the use of renewable energy, food and economic sustainability, recycling and the use of ecological building materials based on bioconstruction.

In Catalonia there is currently a growing number of ecovillages and intentional communities, for example: La Sequoia, Cal Cases, Irehom, Can Masdeu, Calafou, and Mas les vinyes .

These are the people that live in the community of Vidàlia.


Argentian born, world traveler she settled in Catalonia over a decade ago. Degree in Environmental Sciences in Costa Rica, and Master in International Cooperation from the University of Barcelona. Mother of a son and a daughter. Co-founder of Ambient Art,
offering creative explorations into nature.



Born in Barcelona. PhD in Environmental Chemistry and Pollution from the University of Barcelona. Member of the Esbladenca Housing Cooperative.
Father of a son and a daughter.
Loves to play soccer.


Australian Engineer and entrepreneur. Founder and director of Invisibility Ltd, developing educational mobile applications. 25 years of professional engineering experience, such as R&D for Canon and Samsung and renewable energy system integration. His interests include sustainable architecture and water resource management.


Born in Breda, the Netherlands in 1976. Resident in Barcelona since 2006. Director of her own visual Arts company. Facilitator of therapeutic Psychodanza sessions. She is a founding member of the ‘Touch&Play Project’ where she facilitated bodily awareness and (inter)personal growth workshops.


Catalonian born, with experience from an early age living in intentional communities. Expert in open source telecommunications networks and renewable energies. Member of the Girasol cooperative and distributor of local fruit.


Born in Barcelona city in 1982.
He is a registered psychologist, owns a master in Humanistic Psychotherapy and is specialized in non-monogamous relationships.
He works as a teacher for homebound youngsters. Has a big passion for making music.
Father of 2 daughters



Born in Canada.
Human relations coordinator for a North American company.
Firm believer in creating social communities for the common good.
Co-creator of The Love Box project in the artistic festival “Going Nowhere”.


Born in Mexico, artist and documentary maker.
Expert in small domestic animal care. Experimenter with natural dyes creating sustainable art.
Co-founder of Ambient Art,
offering creative explorations in nature.
Mother of twins

Alfred Decker

Nascut als Estats Units. Educador certificat per formar formadors en Permacultura.
Fundador de 12P Permaculture Design consultancy.
Activista mediambiental des de la seva joventut.
Pare de bessons.


Born over 7 decades ago in the United Kingdom. The man with the most years of community life experience.
Mathematician and always curious to learn more. Musician by family line and vocation.
Circle dancer and contact improvisation dancer.


Born in the United Kingdom, well versed in the art of carpentry. Organizer of relational body events. Contact improvisation dancer.



Born in France, grown up in intentional communities.
Sound engineer and professional musician.
Coordinator of the veggie garden and other greenery in Vidàlia. 
Father of a daughter.


 Born in 1996, in Manresa, Catalunya, Spain.
He biology degree from the UdG.
He has a master’s degree in secondary and high school teaching.
In his free time he climbs the mountains to descend with his paraglider.


Born in Uruguay, living in Catalunya for over half a decade.
Researcher on inequality and environmental issues. Designs, develops and execute social projects.


Born in England.
An illustrator who loves ecology, martial arts and a good glass of tsipouro.
A vegan who believes in a world without borders, where communities are organised through mutual aid and solidarity.


Environmentalist and vegan from Ireland who is committed to organizing the environment of mutual help and solidarity.
He is an activist for civil and legal rights, and is often sought out to solve housing cooperatives or run bars. He relaxes by doing math and using the chainsaw.



Born in Barcelona in 1983.
Professional cook, Hatha yoga instructor and Gestalt therapist and Family constellations therapist.
He is also a keen woodworker and father of a son.


Historical neighbours

One of the treasures of Vidàlia is the coexistence with the historic neighbors of the mill town. Most of whom have worked in the factory and know the history and secrets of the life in the village.

Som part del projecte Singulars 2019 i el Programa Treball i Formació