• Create a community for people to live, work and grow
  • Bring meaning, belonging, and freedom to the lives of those involved
  • Support the personal and collective lives and projects of its members
  • Help to build a more sustainable, just, and supportive world


There are four main branches to what we’re creating:


Comfortable, healthy, stable, affordable, functional homes using the structure of a housing cooperative.


A cohesive, flourishing community culture that supports healthy interpersonal relationships and personal and group development.

Collective Resources

Shared resources like kitchens, infrastructure, appliances, tools and vehicles and the healthy and efficient provision of basic needs, including producing and sourcing organic, local food.


An agricultural project that promotes ecology and resilience


The way we realise the project has the following ten roots:



We care for each other and the environment around us. We place living a good life at the centre, and ensure well-being through the healthy provision of basic and social needs. We recognise a diversity of needs and give care and attention to meet them in a framework of equity and collective justice. We provide emotional support and conflict resolution when needed. We help each other by trying to understand and communicate our needs. We value a healthy, rich and stimulating environment for children to grow and develop. We recognise the role of Catalan language and culture as an ancestral heritage and backbone of the community and its integration into the territory. We assume the need to protect and regenerate the physical and cultural heritage of what we become part of.


We take collective responsibility for the project and value decisions that are wise, inclusive, transparent, and aligned with our mission and values. We acknowledge different levels of commitment to the project, and because of this we have different types of membership with differing levels of responsibility.


We share our resources to support other social, political and artistic projects and communities, to facilitate  systemic social change and the creation of a more just, sustainable and beautiful world.

Personal growth

We value self-growth and development and are committed to growing together. We commit to improving our understanding of ourselves and each other, and to developing skills required for healthy, harmonious, functional group dynamics. We expect members to participate in the management and maintenance of the project by acquiring the required skills, even if this is currently outside their comfort zones. The community experiments with embodied communication and decision-making practices which engage with the body as well as the mind, respecting the diversity of backgrounds and experiences that people have.

Shared lives

We share our lives through meals, events, activities, practises, rituals, and projects and believe this is part of creating a better, more joyful, and more meaningful world. We also recognise and respect the need for personal time and space. We value collaborative and collective life over individualism or nuclear families. We mutually support each other without the need for immediate reciprocity.



We use ethical, sustainable and regenerative practices to live in harmony with the land in a manner that respects the local ecosystem and the planet as a whole. We work towards low-impact systems, self-sufficiency and resilience in food and water. We work towards a socially just model of production and consumption which reduces societies’ use of energy and raw materials to within planetary boundaries.



We welcome different genders, sexualities, ages, class backgrounds, ethnicities, and abilities. We look for a common ground of understanding and acceptance of our different needs and preferences, from food requirements to differing sensitivities. We welcome non-conventional and non-normative bodies and minds, genders and relationships.



Reconeixem que existeixen desequilibris de poder i ens centrem de manera proactiva en l’apoderament per rectificar-los. Ens comprometem a compartir les nostres habilitats i coneixements i esperem que tots els membres treballin per reconèixer els seus propis prejudicis i privilegis. Som una comunitat internacional multilingüe. Ens comprometem a adquirir un nivell de comprensió tant en català com en anglès.


Gender equality

We recognise that gender inequality is systemic and pervasive. We promote an inclusive, fair environment where all voices are heard and valued, and where gender-based discrimination has no place. We empower gender-balanced leadership in our projects, remove barriers to participation and fairly share all types of work, including the under-recognised work disproportionately done by women in society.



We aim to create freedom from power-over internally in our day-to-day relations and decision-making practices. We collectively own and manage our resources, so that decisions are made for the benefit of the whole community, wider society and future generations. We build autonomy from capitalism by creating access to housing free from speculation, which prioritises needs over profit and privilege, and by developing systems of production which are coherent with our values.